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Radio Personality

“Always make sure your public personality
matches your private practices.”
The Radio Personality
Co-Host of the Brunch Bunch on Inspiration 1390AM

Action Jackson is not only an Entreprenur and Consultant helping others. For over two years Action Jackson has served as one of the hosts of the Brunch Bunch on Inspiration 1390AM on iHeart Radio. The “Brunch Bunch” hosted by Action Jackson & Tamera Fair airs Monday - Friday from 12p.m. – 1:00 p.m.

The “Brunch Bunch!” is a live daily show unique to the 1390AM platform. Their guest stars are from the gospel genre, as well as popular political figures, pastors and successful business owners. Additionally they showcase people who effect change in the financial sector, social reform arena and ordinary citizens of society to join the show to share stories and lend counsel to other community members.

The Brunch Bunch tag line, "It's always our aim to send you back better than you came," embodies the objective of the show. The Brunch Bunch engages and provides thought provoking dialogue for all age audiences, races, and genders. Their platform is used to uplift, inspire, ignite, and inform people in the community about critical resources available and the people behind those resources.

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